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First and foremost, our app is built by a team of passionate developers to allow coaches, managers, nutritionists, medical professionals and athletes alike to harness their passion and grow their community.


In a world filled with busy schedules, we are all looking to streamline our work. This app does just that through our automated booking and tracking system.


EQ is built for effortless management for all parties involved. This includes scheduling of classes, updating membership packages, tracking attendance and progress and communicating important information.   


We have developed an app which brings people together, allowing users to grow and engage in a passionate community.


Our app features effortless communication between fitness and well-being practitioners and their clients. From bookings, tips, training manuals and tracking of progress, EQ features it all.


Equilibrium is a cutting-edge management app designed to increase efficiency while reducing the hassle of every-day fitness and well-being administration. This is an easy to use tool which allows administrators and users alike to effortlessly schedule classes, communicate important information, create drop-in class options and track progress. Novel in-app options include processing membership fees, drop-ins and one-on-one consultations at the press of a button. Our app is built on five pillars with the ultimate goal of elevating the fitness, health and well-being community:


  • EASE





Why have the app: 

EQ offers a unique approach to managing your fitness or well-being centre while reducing the risks of lost business costs.

The app is designed to streamline bookings, payments and communication between owners, clients and potential clients. The novel drop-in class function facilitates users to book and pay for their classes in advance, reducing the client’s risk of arriving to a class without space and the owners’ risk of an absent booking loss of income.

As a member you can also track your progress, log your workouts, nutrition and recovery while engaging with your coaches and other members to keep you motivated and up to date.

This tool ultimately allows you to manage all your fitness and well-being needs, data and progress in one easy to use application.

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How does it work:


Our app is tailored to grow businesses without the loss of passion. This all-in-one app will allow you to spend less time doing the boring work and allow you to refocus on the more rewarding parts of running a fitness and wellness center. 

  • Simply register your facility on the app and allow the Geo-location function to make you visible to your current and prospective users.

  • Pay the small, once-off activation fee to access all the management, booking and administrative features

  • Manage your client basis efficiently. This app allows you to check-in with members to ensure they are still happy and healthy or event alert members that their number of paid sessions are running low.

  • Enable targeted communication. For example, you can effortlessly send a notification to all members that you’ll be closed over the public holiday.

  • Set capacity limits to your group-classes which update in real time. Members can see which classes are filling up and quickly book a class to avoid disappointment. Additionally, this feature allows drop-in clients to book and pay for their sessions before the time.

  • Payments are directed straight into your business account without having to wait for an annoying number of business days to pass in order for your payment to be processed.


Our hassle-free system allows you to schedule payments, book classes, track your progress and performance, communicate with your fellow members and stay up to date with your fitness and news. Payments are made through an integrated payment system directly linked to your beneficiary.

  • Find all fitness and well-being centers in your surrounding area using the Geo-location function. Next time you’re on holiday and want to drop-in to a yoga class followed by a session at the chiropractor, use the app to scan registered facilities around your location.You’ll never be disappointed by turning up to a full class again.

  • Pay your membership fees, top up the number of sessions you’ve paid for and place once-off payments seamlessly through one system.

  • Manage your nutrition, fitness, recovery and well-being classes in one place.

  • View your calendar at a glance to never miss an appointment again

  • Track your progress, measurements and personal history


How does the payment method work: 


This app is free to use!

After placing a small once-off activation fee which goes towards setting up the facility profile, location and administrative tools.


Facilities receive payments directly deposited into their business accounts, without consulting a middle-man and ultimately reducing the payment processing time.


Users can seamlessly integrate their monthly stop-orders into the app, paying their fitness and well-being professionals directly.

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